Application form Novemberfestivalen 2024

Deadline: Film file and registration form must be submitted to Novemberfestivalen no later than Sunday, September 15, 2024.
After that we will not accept any more films!

Rules for Novemberfestivalen International Section 2024

• The film must have been produced in 2023 or 2024.
• The film must not have been registered to Novemberfestivalen before.
• The film may have a length of up to 15 minutes, including vignettes, subtitles and the like.
• The director of the film must have had an age of 18-26 when the film was completed. If there are more than one director of the film, it is the age of the oldest that decides on participation.
• The filmmaker must hold all rights to all image and audio material included in the film.
• The film must have English subtitles regardless of whether the film has English as original language.
• The filmmaker must ensure that it is the best possible viewing copy sent to Novemberfestivalen. We accept most video formats. We do not accept DCP.

You can follow the technical specifications below to make sure your film file holds the standards:
• Compression: H.264 (select the highest quality)
• We also receive high-resolution file formats where the files are low compressed. Examples are Apple Pro Res or Apple Animation for animations etc.
• Encapsulation format: .mov or .mp4 or high resolution AVI (not MKV)
• It is important that no video material is anamorphic (compressed image).
• All pixels must be square.
• All frames must be progressive (not interlaced, ie not lower / upper field).
• The file name must contain the film title.

We accept files up to 10 GB in size.

You will be able to submit your film in the next step, after filling in and sending the application form.

Deadline for submission of film is September 15, 2024.

  • Processing of personal data: The data provider is hereby informed, in accordance with the GDPR, that the submitted data will be registered and processed in connection with the processing of the notification.
  • All films in the competition program will be shown on site during the festival and will be available for streaming during the festival weekend.
  • Please note that all information about the film and the director(-s) must be completed in order to register the film.
  • One film per registration only!
Note! Enter minutes and seconds, including captions and subtitles. (MM.SS)
(if you have checked "other" above)
If the film has a producer, enter the name.
A short description of the film that can be used in the festival program.
NOTE! Rename the photo file with the film title included before you upload it.

If the film represent a festival please fill in name and contact person.

  • *I have read all the rules of the Novemberfestival on and am aware that rule violations lead to disqualification.
  • * All the information I provided is accurate and complete.
  • * I have ensured that the filmmaker(-s) has the right to use all the music, all pictures and all movie clips in this film and can, on demand, show how this was secured.
  • Privacy policy
  • We at Novemberfestivalen respect your privacy. The information collected about you as an attendee is saved until a couple of weeks after the
    event. This is so that we can make an evaluation. After this, all the information about you will be deleted.
  • Information about GDPR
  • At Novemberfestivalen, we enforce the GDPR. That means that your personal information will be protected and also dictates in what reach
    we are allowed to use that information.
    Your personal information may include various information which can be used to identify a person, for example: your SSN, name, address.
    Pictures and sound-recordings which includes people present at the event also fall under this category.
    We will never share the information to a third party without the approval from you. We collaborate with national and international festivals,
    and also with sponsors/award-givers. In this case it is mandatory that they have access to some of the information provided.
    As an individual, you have the right to access a compilation of all personal information which we at Novemberfestivalen have access to.
    You can read more about GDPR on our city website (in swedish)