Novemberfestivalen is Sweden’s national arena for young filmmakers. The festival is a unique annual meeting place where filmmakers and audiences can share experiences, opinions and make new contacts across age and regional borders. The festival offers screening of the films in competition, seminars and face to face with movie personalities, as well as celebrations and festivities, culminating in the closing award ceremony.

Novemberfestivalen is preceded by 19 regional competitions in Sweden and the contest is a national final. About 40 of the best short films made by young filmmakers from Sweden are screened during the festival. The films will compete nationally in two categories: middleweight (16-19 years) and heavyweight (20-26 years) and must comply with national rules and be assessed by a qualified jury. This year Novemberfestivalen will broaden the festival with an international competition for youth filmmakers (20-26 years) that will be assessed by a qualified international jury. The national jury consists of one producer, one director and one alternate function within the film industry. Every other year we have two women and a man in the jury and vice versa the following year. Our goal is to have as equal and equitable composition of the program as possible. The jury is professional and established within the film industry.

Novemberfestivalen works in close contact with the film industry and participates in international networks with other festivals and forums for young filmmakers. Representatives from the Swedish Film Institute, the regional festivals and other film festivals visit Novemberfestival and are available for the young filmmakers to interact with. We are constantly working to find new screening opportunities for the films that participate.

Novemberfestivalen is organized by the N3 Venue for Youth Culture, City of Trollhättan, with the support from the Swedish Film Institute, Region Västra Götaland and Folkets Hus Kulturhuset.

Questions? Send an e-mail to: torbjorn.jackson@trollhattan.se